Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays, Black Cherry Bombshells

Looky what Black Cherry Bombshells' artist Sacaha Borisich and colorist John Dallaire left in our stockings this weekend. Click HERE for a super-high res copy.

Christmas is my jam, without a doubt my favorite time of year. I'm a real sucker for the Holiday Pin-Ups, too, so this is an especially nice gift from them to us.

Since I'm sharing it with you, does that make it a regift or am I just a very generous fellow?

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Philly First Friday Signing = Success

Last Friday we teamed up with Fishtown author and phellow philly native Kevin Colden to host an art gallery and book signing.


The whole thing went down at Brave New Worlds, a fancy comic shop in a fancy Philly neighborhood. See, the first Friday of every month BNW and the other stores in Old City open their doors to host free art galleries. We sold some Black Cherry Bombshells prints, gave out Black Cherry Bombshells‘ pins and Zuda shwag.

Special thanks to Miss, creator of Escape from Special and Kevin's awesome wife, who helped us tap our box o wine and set up the cheese tray.

More pictures after the jump:

Monday, November 10, 2008

NEW Black Cherry Bombshells' Fan Art and Comics


New Black Cherry Bombshells' strip comes out today and it's my favorite kind of page: Splash Page.

Speaking of awesome art; check out our buddy Rahzzah's sent us above.

Not only is it his second piece of Black Cherry Bombshells' fan art - Not only does it cameo Tony and myself as dismembered zombie heads - Not only is Rahzzah the talented co-writer/co-director of a wicked cool Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure Movie BUT It also looks pretty, god damn good.

Thanks, Rhazzah.

Click HERE to read New Black Cherry Bombshells, god dammit.

-Johnny Zito

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High Rez Black Cherry Bombshells' Fan Art

Took some sassy negotiating skills but I managed to get Rahzzah to send up some high rez copies of his latest Black Cherry Bombshells' fan art.

Click the image above for a full size view. Click HERE to see it at print quality dpi.

You can really tell it's my and Tony's dismembered heads that Regina is holding on to. We're both making goofy faces. I wonder if Rahzzah used our Zombie Prom photos as reference.


While hyping Rahzzah's choose-your-own-zombie-adventure-movie I credited him the writer/director. Turns out he shares that title with a bunch of talented friends; too many to mention by name he says. So, we're amending his role to: Co-Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Composer/Snazzy Dresser.

-Johnny Zito

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Interview


Happy Halloween!

In honor of all our fantastic success with The Black Cherry Bombshells this year I carved a zombie pumpkin for the holiday.

As well we had the great fortune to hang out with Jen from ComicCom.com and have a chat about the undead and other awesome horror stuff.

Hope everyone is stocked on their Mars Bars, rotten eggs and pillow cases. Have a good time out there.

Click HERE to read our interview with ComicCon.com.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Project Rooftop Wonder Woman Wardrobe

wonder woman johnny zito project rooftop


I just submitted to the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War! over at Project Rooftop.

It's a crap shoot as to whether or not they feature mine but I'll let you know when the submissions go up, regardless.

-Johnny Zito

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells Pin Up by Bobby Timony

Bobby Timony is a scholar and a gentleman.

The Night Owls creator penciled, inked and colored this super cool pin up of Regina for us this weekend. Regina is my favorite Black Cherry Bombshell, so I'm a lil biased, but i've been drooling over this Tex Avery style all day.

Check out the full rez copy to see all those curvy lines close up.

Click HERE to read The Night Owls.

Click HERE to read The Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Black Cherry Bombshells' Artist Interview

The Black Cherry Bombshells have a very unique visual style and it's all thanks to Sacha Borisich, our amazing artist.

Sacha sat down with Jennifer Contino at ComicCon.com for an interview with The Pulse. It's a fantastic Q&A with some of the best art from the series. Thanks to Jen for putting together such a great piece :)

Click HERE to read Sacha's interview.

Click HERE to read The Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells Interview @ ComicMix

Writer and Criminal Mastermind, David Gallaher was nice enough to interview me and Trov about The Black Cherry Bombshells recently.

The whole thing went down at Zombie Prom last week. David's questions pierced the caked on latex and exposed our very souls.

You can find the whole thing at ComicMix.com

-Johnny Zito

Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells @ PinkRaygun.com

The Black Cherry Bombshells are really tearing it up this Halloween season.

PinkRaygun.com has an interview with me and Tony.
What’s a girl to do when every man on Earth becomes a zombie? (And not the kind of zombie a guy becomes when we talk about shoes or ask him to pick up tampons on his beer run - genuine, flesh-eating zombies.) The only reasonable thing to do is get tattooed, join a bootlegger gang, and get in touch with your bad ass side.

Pink Raygun is a webzine focusing on the modern fangirl. It’s a smart and savvy place to discuss and read about science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of their forms, be it television, movies, books or comics. It’s Starlog meets Glamour, Babylon 5 meets Coupling, Isaac Asimov meets Helen Fielding. But snarkier.

Click HERE to read the Pink Raygun interview.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells

-Johnny Zito

Friday, October 3, 2008

Zito & Trov Interview @ ComicMonsters.com

Tony and I are done most of the work on the production side of things for season 1 of The Black Cherry Bombshells. We're just spell checking and pushing papers around now.

We're using the extra time to try and spread the word about our zombie killin' girls.

Enter ComicMonsters.com and their interview with me and Tony:
The Big Bad Wolf: Are these zombies the slow, lumbering zombies, or are they runners?
Tony Trov: They are definitely lumbering zombies. Arrgghhh....
Johnny Zito:They've been dried out by the the Las Vegas sun and suffer from rigor mortise.
Tony Trov: Nothing against fast zombies but we embrace the classics.

It was actually really cool because, as a monster site, they were interested in getting into the zombie science.

Click HERE to read the interview with ComicMonster.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells on Newsarama

Well they covered the whole Zuda Comics' Panel Black Cherry Bombshells just happen to be there, too. See us on the end?

Never thought comic books would take it this far.

Blogist and all around nice guy JK Parkin was very flattering in his article. It's all true; Sheldon drinking, Doan killing Superman and I wouldn't wish a Zuda contest on my worst enemy :)

Read it at Newsarama and be sure to drop a line if you were there. We know who you were. You watched it, you can't un-watch it!

-Johnny Zito

Monday, July 28, 2008

San Diego Comic Con - Day Four

Whoa. San Diego was awesome. We flew home yesterday and are still recovering.

Check out our photo gallery for pics of the whole trip!

The podcast from the Zuda panel is posted. Roll out and listen to it here.

At the panel it was announced that Black Cherry Bombshells are going to release TWO strips a week.

Get some!

Before we say goodbye to SDCC lets check out the view from the hospitality sweet one last time.

Goodbye, Wonder Woman. I'll miss you most of all...

-Johnny Zito

Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego Comic Con - Day Three


Check us out 10:30, in Room 4 at the San Diego Convention Center. We're gonna be talking up all kinds of nonsense. Come hang out!

Yesterday was awesome. Saturday at the Con did non disappoint. Tony and I got there early and hung out in DC's 'talent suite' which over looks the convention floor.

It's funny because it faces the Marvel booth. But you can see everyone's costumes real well from up here so it's perfect for people watching.

Tony danced with the devil.
Then we backed up the baddest Jedi in SD against the forces of evil; as Batman laughed with the sick delight that only a deranged man in a rubber mask can ever know.

This is it folks. Last day to get a Black Cherry Bombshells' pin. Check out Tony and I at 1:00 pm today. We be booth #8217.


-Johnny Zito

Saturday, July 26, 2008

San Diego Comic Con - Day Two

Tony and I went to the beach yesterday. There are no pictures because we spent most of the day lost.

We're signing at 1:00 pm today. We be booth #8217. Please come see us and get a Black Cherry Bombshells pin.

But we did make it to the Con and Day two was even bigger and crazier than day one.

Everyone was there, even Jesus.

Catwoman took Tony's breath away.

While I copped hugs from this dude.

There was a chick giving away 'free ass grabs' but I walked on by. Looked like it might be a trap.

Then we did 'the swim' with Aquaman. He wanted to go to the beach but we told him we already did that.

Don't forget about our panel Sunday at 10:30 in Room 4. There's supposed to be some announcements, well worth turning out if you're around.

-Johnny Zito

Friday, July 25, 2008

San Diego Comic Con - Day One

San Diego has the most gorgeous weather of any city ever. Tony and I did the convention thing yesterday. Our signing was at 5. Same for today. We be booth #8217. Please come see us and get a Black Cherry Bombshells' pin.

We we're giving them out while we were doing signing and sketches. Well, I sketched while Tony promoted.

We met some Ninja Turtles outside the convention center.

And Wonder Woman inside :)

The whole Zuda Comics' crew went out to dinner and Tony and I finally got to shoot the shit with Jeremy Love from Bayou who turns out is also from Philly like me and Tony. Like me and Tony, he's also been mugged with ninja stars in the city of brotherly love. That's a story only folks from Philly and Feudal Japan can claim.

We ended up drinking at the Hyatt with all the other comic books people AND some folks here on a medical conference. To the two women bumming cigarettes outside: For shame. You're in the medical field. You should know better.

Today we're going to take lil time for the beach and a lot of time for the con. Be back with more pictures tomorrow.

-Johnny Zito

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Leaving for San Diego Comic Con

Our bags are packed and we are ready for San Diego Comic Con! Stop by the Zuda Comics's table and say hi to me and Tony for some really kickin' Black Cherry Bombshells gifts.

We’ll be promoting the Black Cherry Bombshells at the Zuda Comics booth [#8217] somewhere in the DC pavilion doing signings,sketches and give-aways. Tony and I have these nifty Black Cherry Bombshells’ pins to give out, too.

Hooray free buttons!

Tony and I also like to take pictures with as many people in costume as we can. I think we got most of the notables at Philly and New York and we’re told that San Diego will not disappoint. So if you are wearing a costume please swing by the Zuda Comics booth so we can snap your picture and put it up on our MySpace blog.

We be booth #8217
Thursday and Friday from 5:00-6:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday from 1:00-2:00 PM


We have a Zuda Comics panel on (ugh) Sunday morning - 10:30. If you’re not a morning person they’re podcasting the panel on DC’s site.

It's going to be a grand ol' time. Please come join us.

-Johnny Zito

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Superman 4 (Project Rooftop Edition)

This Superman is a fresh design I did for Project Rooftop who are currently doing a Superman Homage of their own.

I'm of the opinion that Superman's costume can't be improved on. However, I recognize it might not translate well to every medium. That's why my submission is specifically designed to work as a costume for the Clark Kent of television's Smallville.

I tried to keep the uniform in the same tone and style as the other Justice League characters who have guest starred. But I borrowed the 'S' shield from Superman Returns and the textures from the Spider-Man movies.

Another strong influence was Thor's suit in the Ultimates. I scrapped the Superman yellow in exchange for reflective/glowing patches of fabric like the Norse god's chest plate. Even the suit itself absorbs and concentrates solar energy to feed Clark's alien physiology. When he really pours it on the whole suit shines.

-Johnny Zito

Monday, June 2, 2008

Wizard World Philadelphia 2008 Wrap Up

Wizard World Philly was a great time. Tony and I toured the convention floor and gave out official Black Cherry Bombshells' shwag and took pictures with all the costumed attendees. Check out more photos in our gallery.

Friday night we partied at the Trocadero with Skeletor. Yes, THE Skeletor and his amazing, evil karaoke gongshow. I made it to the bridge in 'LoLa' before the scourge of Eternia gonged me off stage.

Quick shout to Rex, Mike and Brietman (sp?) who we met for the first time at the DC Comics' Booth. Rex and the guys gave out BCB pins for us Friday and Saturday. If you didn't get one, check us out in San Diego.

Black Cherry Bombshells are now weekly at Zuda Comics. Check us out every Wednesday at BlackCherryBombshells.com

-Johnny Zito

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wizard World Philadelphia

Wizard World Philadelphia is this weekend, May 30, 31 - Jun 1!

Come hang out with me and Tony at the con where we're going to be giving away FREE Black Cherry Bombshell pins with the skull berries on the them.

If you don't catch us at the con come party with us Friday night (May 30th) at SKELETOR'S KARAOKE GONG SHOW! @ TROCADERO ( 1003 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107).

Sing your favorite karaoke songs (over 6,000 songs) but beware, the evil overlord of Eternia may gong you before you are through! Do you have the power?

Plus rock out with Guitar Hero III (PS2)! We will have a 2 player wireless set up in the Balcony with Guitar Hero on the Troc's full-size movie screen!

Official RADIOHEAD Best Of Record Release Party featuring special prizes & giveaways including advance copies of the compilation, limited edition lithographs & more!

$2 Drink Specials All Night!
Doors @ 10:00pm - 21+ ID REQ

Come hang out!

-Johnny Zito

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Men of DC Comics

So Adam Hughes illustrated this sweet 'Vanity Fair' style pin up of the super heroines from the DC Universe for the New York Comic Con.

It was a real smash, everyone dug it. Mostly.

And then Joanna, comic book journalist and blogger at Comics Worth Reading, had this great idea. She asked her readers what a male version of that poster might look like.

Here's my entry:

John Stewart (Green Lantern), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Ryan Choi (The Atom), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Clark Kent (Superman), Krypto (the Super Dog), Barry Allen (The Flash), Dick Grayson (Robin), John Henry Irons (Steel), Arthur Curry (Aquaman)

My line up is a classic catch all with a few modern additions. Special credit to fellow Zudite Paul Salvi for the brilliant idea of putting Hal in his Air Force dress uniform. (Although I did go with the tropical white.)

Super (bu-huh!) Hi Res HERE.

Check out the other fantastic entries at Comics Worth Reading. Make sure you drop a comment for your favorite!

-Johnny Zito

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos From the New York Comic Con

The guys at Zuda Comics posted photos from the New York Comic Con.

Coincidently we just got all of our pictures from the con together too. Check them out in our Gallery.

-Johnny Zito

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Regina Pin-Up by The Hernandez Bros!

While hanging out at the New York Comic Con we got to meet lots of great Zuda Comics creators including the amazingly talented Hernandez Brothers.

While hanging out at the signing booth they did this awesome sketch of Regina for us.

Gabe and Chachi Hernandez are the creators of Joe Comics; a serialized, satirical celebration of just how ridiculous super heroes and villains can be.

Make sure you nominate them for this July's Zuda Comics Invitational where former competitors get a second shot at the title.

Check out more fan art in our photos gallery.

-Johnny Zito

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zuda Comics NYCC Panel - The Podcast

The New York Comic Com was the most fun I've had in forever. Thanks to all the Zuda staff and creators for hanging out and making us feel so welcome.

Luckily DC Comics podcasts all of their convention panels so you can to hear me and Tony make our debut at the Zuda Comics panel - Zuda: The Future of On-Line Comics.

Check it out at the link above. It's almost like being there.

-Johnny Zito

Monday, April 21, 2008

Johnny Zito & Tony Trov Interviewed by GeekSquad

Lots and lots of cool stuff to tell you all about following the 2008 New York Comic Con.

First up is Tony and my interview with Double Agent Derek Meister of the Geek Squad.

Thanks to BestBuys, Derek and the rest of the Geek Squad for coming out to visit.

-Johnny Zito

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Write Up in Write Now Magazine


About a month ago Tony and I did a Black Cherry Bombshells' interview for Write Up Magazine. It's a TwoMorrow's publication and they've got a whole thing on Zuda Comics and, presumably, web comics in general.

From the solicitation:

WRITE NOW #19 (80 pages, $6.95) is a SPECIAL BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT ISSUE featuring: a great photo cover of Christian Bale as The Dark Knight! It features ?Dark Knight and Spirit executive producer Michael Uslan on the writing process for films, Dennis O’Neil on adapting The Dark Knight movie to novel form, Brian Bendis script and Leinil Yu pencils from Marvel’s Secret Invasion #1, mystery and comics writer Max Alan Collins discusses his career and upcoming projects, Mark Millar script and Bryan Hitch pencils from their upcoming run on FF, DAN SLOTT script and STEVE McNIVEN pencils from Spider-Man’s BRAND NEW DAY, inside info on DC’s online Zuda Comics imprint from Ron Perazza, Alex Grecian talks about the making of his Image series Proof!, and more! Edited by Danny Fingeroth.

Kinda cool that we got a Batman cover, too. If I learned anything this year it's not to be afraid of hanging out in Batman's long shadow :)

Look for Write Now Magazine where ever comics are sold.

-Johnny Zito