Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Men of DC Comics

So Adam Hughes illustrated this sweet 'Vanity Fair' style pin up of the super heroines from the DC Universe for the New York Comic Con.

It was a real smash, everyone dug it. Mostly.

And then Joanna, comic book journalist and blogger at Comics Worth Reading, had this great idea. She asked her readers what a male version of that poster might look like.

Here's my entry:

John Stewart (Green Lantern), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern), Ryan Choi (The Atom), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Clark Kent (Superman), Krypto (the Super Dog), Barry Allen (The Flash), Dick Grayson (Robin), John Henry Irons (Steel), Arthur Curry (Aquaman)

My line up is a classic catch all with a few modern additions. Special credit to fellow Zudite Paul Salvi for the brilliant idea of putting Hal in his Air Force dress uniform. (Although I did go with the tropical white.)

Super (bu-huh!) Hi Res HERE.

Check out the other fantastic entries at Comics Worth Reading. Make sure you drop a comment for your favorite!

-Johnny Zito

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