Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Superman 4 (Project Rooftop Edition)

This Superman is a fresh design I did for Project Rooftop who are currently doing a Superman Homage of their own.

I'm of the opinion that Superman's costume can't be improved on. However, I recognize it might not translate well to every medium. That's why my submission is specifically designed to work as a costume for the Clark Kent of television's Smallville.

I tried to keep the uniform in the same tone and style as the other Justice League characters who have guest starred. But I borrowed the 'S' shield from Superman Returns and the textures from the Spider-Man movies.

Another strong influence was Thor's suit in the Ultimates. I scrapped the Superman yellow in exchange for reflective/glowing patches of fabric like the Norse god's chest plate. Even the suit itself absorbs and concentrates solar energy to feed Clark's alien physiology. When he really pours it on the whole suit shines.

-Johnny Zito

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