Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Interview


Happy Halloween!

In honor of all our fantastic success with The Black Cherry Bombshells this year I carved a zombie pumpkin for the holiday.

As well we had the great fortune to hang out with Jen from and have a chat about the undead and other awesome horror stuff.

Hope everyone is stocked on their Mars Bars, rotten eggs and pillow cases. Have a good time out there.

Click HERE to read our interview with

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Project Rooftop Wonder Woman Wardrobe

wonder woman johnny zito project rooftop


I just submitted to the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War! over at Project Rooftop.

It's a crap shoot as to whether or not they feature mine but I'll let you know when the submissions go up, regardless.

-Johnny Zito

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells Pin Up by Bobby Timony

Bobby Timony is a scholar and a gentleman.

The Night Owls creator penciled, inked and colored this super cool pin up of Regina for us this weekend. Regina is my favorite Black Cherry Bombshell, so I'm a lil biased, but i've been drooling over this Tex Avery style all day.

Check out the full rez copy to see all those curvy lines close up.

Click HERE to read The Night Owls.

Click HERE to read The Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Black Cherry Bombshells' Artist Interview

The Black Cherry Bombshells have a very unique visual style and it's all thanks to Sacha Borisich, our amazing artist.

Sacha sat down with Jennifer Contino at for an interview with The Pulse. It's a fantastic Q&A with some of the best art from the series. Thanks to Jen for putting together such a great piece :)

Click HERE to read Sacha's interview.

Click HERE to read The Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells Interview @ ComicMix

Writer and Criminal Mastermind, David Gallaher was nice enough to interview me and Trov about The Black Cherry Bombshells recently.

The whole thing went down at Zombie Prom last week. David's questions pierced the caked on latex and exposed our very souls.

You can find the whole thing at

-Johnny Zito

Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells @

The Black Cherry Bombshells are really tearing it up this Halloween season. has an interview with me and Tony.
What’s a girl to do when every man on Earth becomes a zombie? (And not the kind of zombie a guy becomes when we talk about shoes or ask him to pick up tampons on his beer run - genuine, flesh-eating zombies.) The only reasonable thing to do is get tattooed, join a bootlegger gang, and get in touch with your bad ass side.

Pink Raygun is a webzine focusing on the modern fangirl. It’s a smart and savvy place to discuss and read about science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of their forms, be it television, movies, books or comics. It’s Starlog meets Glamour, Babylon 5 meets Coupling, Isaac Asimov meets Helen Fielding. But snarkier.

Click HERE to read the Pink Raygun interview.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells

-Johnny Zito

Friday, October 3, 2008

Zito & Trov Interview @

Tony and I are done most of the work on the production side of things for season 1 of The Black Cherry Bombshells. We're just spell checking and pushing papers around now.

We're using the extra time to try and spread the word about our zombie killin' girls.

Enter and their interview with me and Tony:
The Big Bad Wolf: Are these zombies the slow, lumbering zombies, or are they runners?
Tony Trov: They are definitely lumbering zombies. Arrgghhh....
Johnny Zito:They've been dried out by the the Las Vegas sun and suffer from rigor mortise.
Tony Trov: Nothing against fast zombies but we embrace the classics.

It was actually really cool because, as a monster site, they were interested in getting into the zombie science.

Click HERE to read the interview with ComicMonster.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito