Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Cherry Bombshells @

The Black Cherry Bombshells are really tearing it up this Halloween season. has an interview with me and Tony.
What’s a girl to do when every man on Earth becomes a zombie? (And not the kind of zombie a guy becomes when we talk about shoes or ask him to pick up tampons on his beer run - genuine, flesh-eating zombies.) The only reasonable thing to do is get tattooed, join a bootlegger gang, and get in touch with your bad ass side.

Pink Raygun is a webzine focusing on the modern fangirl. It’s a smart and savvy place to discuss and read about science fiction, fantasy and horror in all of their forms, be it television, movies, books or comics. It’s Starlog meets Glamour, Babylon 5 meets Coupling, Isaac Asimov meets Helen Fielding. But snarkier.

Click HERE to read the Pink Raygun interview.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells

-Johnny Zito

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