Friday, October 3, 2008

Zito & Trov Interview @

Tony and I are done most of the work on the production side of things for season 1 of The Black Cherry Bombshells. We're just spell checking and pushing papers around now.

We're using the extra time to try and spread the word about our zombie killin' girls.

Enter and their interview with me and Tony:
The Big Bad Wolf: Are these zombies the slow, lumbering zombies, or are they runners?
Tony Trov: They are definitely lumbering zombies. Arrgghhh....
Johnny Zito:They've been dried out by the the Las Vegas sun and suffer from rigor mortise.
Tony Trov: Nothing against fast zombies but we embrace the classics.

It was actually really cool because, as a monster site, they were interested in getting into the zombie science.

Click HERE to read the interview with ComicMonster.

Click HERE to read the Black Cherry Bombshells.

-Johnny Zito

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