Monday, November 10, 2008

NEW Black Cherry Bombshells' Fan Art and Comics


New Black Cherry Bombshells' strip comes out today and it's my favorite kind of page: Splash Page.

Speaking of awesome art; check out our buddy Rahzzah's sent us above.

Not only is it his second piece of Black Cherry Bombshells' fan art - Not only does it cameo Tony and myself as dismembered zombie heads - Not only is Rahzzah the talented co-writer/co-director of a wicked cool Choose Your Own Zombie Adventure Movie BUT It also looks pretty, god damn good.

Thanks, Rhazzah.

Click HERE to read New Black Cherry Bombshells, god dammit.

-Johnny Zito

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High Rez Black Cherry Bombshells' Fan Art

Took some sassy negotiating skills but I managed to get Rahzzah to send up some high rez copies of his latest Black Cherry Bombshells' fan art.

Click the image above for a full size view. Click HERE to see it at print quality dpi.

You can really tell it's my and Tony's dismembered heads that Regina is holding on to. We're both making goofy faces. I wonder if Rahzzah used our Zombie Prom photos as reference.


While hyping Rahzzah's choose-your-own-zombie-adventure-movie I credited him the writer/director. Turns out he shares that title with a bunch of talented friends; too many to mention by name he says. So, we're amending his role to: Co-Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Composer/Snazzy Dresser.

-Johnny Zito