Monday, July 13, 2009

Trov & Zito Video Blog for The American Dream

Black Cherry Bombshells' Creators Video Blog their cross country road trip To San Diego Comic Con.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - On July 18th Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, award-nominated writers for Zuda Comics, set forth to find the American Dream on their way to San Diego Comic Con. The road trip will be documented in a series of daily, video blogs available at

The video segments will feature giant balls of yarn, engine grilled hot dogs and NSFW truck stop shenanigans. Audiences can follow the bold adventure via Twitter (Zito & Trov) MySpace, Facebook as Tony and Johnny explore the fantastic possibilities of America.

"With planned stops in Vegas, LA and Graceland this is Manifest Destiny meets Fear and Loathing," say trailblazers Trov and Zito.

Those attending Comic Con are encouraged to hang out at the DC booth where the Black Cherry Bombshell writers will be giving away free Black Cherry Bombshells’ buttons.

Updates will begin on the 18th and continue through Comic Con at

The Black Cherry Bombshells can be read at

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