Friday, October 9, 2009

The Harvey Awards Drinking Game


Black Cherry Bombshells are nominated for a Harvey Award for Best Online Work. There's a big dinner and award ceremony with a free meal and open bar.

We're sitting with Sheldon (Supertron) David and Steve (High Moon) and Bobby and Peter (Night Owls) who are also nominees.

To widdle away the hours and make the awards extra fun we came up with THE HARVEY AWARDS DRINKING GAME!

Every time a non DC or Zuda comic wins; take a sip.
Every time a DC Comic wins; take a three sips.
Every time a Zuda Comic wins; take a shot.
Every time a winner thanks Stan Lee, Jack Kirby or Will Eisner; take five sips.
Every time Harvey Award Host (and super talented cartoonist/Harvey Nominee) Scott Kurtz plugs his book; pound what's left of your drink.

If you aren't going to the Harvey's, play along at home by following Tony and I on Twitter ( & where we'll obnoxiously update through out the night. Um, hash tags? #HarveyAwards and #DrinkingGames

Saturday, October 10th. I have no idea what time. Let's say 8. That feels right.

I expect we'll make up more rules as we go.

-Johnny Zito

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