Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moon Girl Debuts on Comixology and iPhones


Coming out today from Comixology:

Masked vigilantes wage a psychotic war against 1950's bourgeois; it's The Dark Knight meets Mad Men. Clare is a Russian Princess happily exiled to New York. When enemies from the past threaten her new life, the repressed Warrior Queen fights back. In the media her secret, nocturnal adventures are attributed to a mysterious hero; Moon Girl. Champion of the counter culture, Moon Girl represents a movement of young people fed up with the corporatism and conformity of post World War II opulence. The urban legends of Moon Girl inspire the 'Super Manifesto' - a post human gospel. Fundamentalists subvert the establishment by dressing in bright technicolor clothes and taking futuristic new names. Extremists turn to violence and terror, expecting to shock the system into change. Only Moon Girl stands between them and us, anarchy and order.

8 pgs. Free. Available TODAY On Line and iPhones.

In 2010 we continue with an ongoing series at Comixology.




This is Tony and my first super - hero fiction so we're putting everything we've got in there. I dunno if you know this about us, but, we're big fans of over doing it :)

-Johnny Zito

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