Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moon Girl Review on Comic Book Resources


Comic Book Resources gave us a nice write up about our new iPhone comic, Moon Girl.

"Super Heroes are tricky," Zito said. "We find they work best when re-contextualized to the 1940s – 60s. We took a lot of inspiration from 'Justice League: New Frontier' and 'Marvels.' 'Moon Girl, is based on a Golden Age superhero created by Gardner Fox for EC Comics in the 1940s. The copyright has slipped into public domain so we started there."

"It's 'The Dark Knight' meets 'Mad Men,'" Trov said when describing the book. "Clare is a Russian princess exiled to New York. When enemies from the past threaten her new life, the repressed Warrior Queen fights back. The media catches wind of her nocturnal crusade and christen her Moon Girl."

Zito added that Moon Girl is a "champion of the counter culture," and represents a movement of young people "fed up with the corporatism and conformity" of post World War II.

"The urban legends of Moon Girl inspire the 'Super Manifesto' - a post-human gospel," he said. "Activists subvert the establishment by dressing in bright Technicolor clothes and taking futuristic new names. Extremists turn to violence and terror, expecting to shock the system into change. Only Moon Girl stands between them and us, anarchy and order."

Check out the interview HERE.

Read a free preview of Moon Girl HERE.

-Johnny Zito

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